greif history

1877 Barrels were our business

America was enjoying a boom. Lots of money spent on buying every kind of product imaginable. Greif traces its roots to this time – making wooden barrels.

1919 Royal Packaging

Bernhard Van Leer founded a small company producing cans and boxes in the Netherlands. The company later became Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer  and grew to be a global industrial packaging leader.

1940 New developments

In the mid-1940s, Greif experimented with fibre drums. Soon it became a success and with acquisitions Greif was launched into the fibre drum business.

1950 Fibre, Steel, Plastics

In 1951, the company moved its headquarters from Cleveland to Delaware, Ohio – which is still our corporate home. During the period the company transitioned into manufacturing steel, plastic and fibre drums and later ibc´s. This is still today our main business.

2001 Greif – Van Leer

Greif acquired Van Leer, establishing a new global brand – resulting in Greif becoming a global leader in Industrial Packaging.

2003 Transformation…

In 2003 Greif began its “Transformation” into a lean manufacturing company. We are embedded in everything we do with our Greif Business System, where continuous improvement and the never-ending identification and eradication of waste are only a few of many focus areas.

2006 New Landscapes

Greif acquired Delta Petroleum Company, Inc.  based in North America. Delta provides clients with blending, filling and packaging, drumming, warehousing, distribution and logistics services. Greif also acquired the steel drum manufacturing and closures businesses of Blagden, with operations in Europe and Asia.

Greif’s long and successful history is the result of sound philosophy regarding the way we conduct ourselves and do business. This dedication to customers, employees and our local communities continues as we grow our business.

2009 Extended Portfolio

The privately held Hannells Industrier AB was acquired. With their technical knowledge in plastics and impressive production capabilities, it was an ideal opportunity in the region and fits well within Greif´s strategy for growth through selective acquisition.

2010 Greif Big In Bags

On Feb. 15th Greif acquired Storsackgroup, the world’s largest producer of flexible intermediate bulk containers.  Storsack has 3.000 employees and 18 production facilities worldwide.  The company is planned to be part of a joint venture intended to facilitate Greif’s strategic entry into the flexible packaging market.  Greif will be responsible for managing the business. 

2016 At your service!

With 3 factories in the Nordic region Greif is well established in Scandinavia. The factories are strategically placed where you do business, and our Scandinavian Team of account managers and technical support personnel are eager to meet your needs.

We are ready to serve you locally as well as globally, wherever you do business.

With more than 130 years of packaging expertise Greif is a world leader in industrial packaging products and services. The Company creates competitive advantage for its customers through extensive experience in steel, plastic, fibre, etc.