Fibre drums

Economical and remarkably durable offering optimum protection for the chemical, pharmaceutical, adhesives and food industry.

Greif’s range of fibre drums fulfils a large number of packaging requirements, in particular for the chemical, pharmaceutical, glue and food industry. 

Proven design has been combined with the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure that these drums provide optimum protection for a large variety of hazardous and non-hazardous products.

Greif’s fibre drums are available in various diameters and sizes with or without UN approval.

Greif´s fibre drums have low weight, are stackable, can be used for all types of transports, can be adapted to both pallet loading and container loading. Delivered at short notice in any quantity and can be manufactured to suit individual requirements.

In short: the drum is "tailor-made" to suit your demand. Take a closer look at some variations on the right.