Greif Hedehusene

Washing powder for the housekeeping

Greif Denmark was founded in Roskilde back in 1956 by the manufacturer Svend Müller under the original name "Svend Müller’s Emballage-fabrik ApS". In the beginning the production was focused on small fiber drums (Claro Fiber drums) in sizes from 1 to 10 liters. The drums were primary used for packing of washing powder. Because of strong competition from the plastic industry, this production was halted in 1968.

Focus on fiber

After this, Greif started producing larger fiber drums in sizes from 10 to 1400 liters. Those drums are what we today call the SM FIBER DRUMS, which together with SM DECORATIVE TUBES and SM CONCRETE PAPER TUBES, still are the basis of our production in Hedehusene, Denmark.

Local & global

Svend Müller died in 1991; where after the company was taken over by Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer B.V in March 1993. In 1995 the company changed name to Van Leer Danmark A/S.
At the same time Van Leer Danmark A/S started to marketing and selling other transport packaging products from the Van Leer group in Scandinavia, i.e. special steel- and plastic drums, 1000 liters disposable- and reusable IBC containers. Later on a local production of dunnage bags – a product, which secure goods during transport – was started.


In March 2001 Van Leer Industrial Packaging was sold to Greif, and Greif Denmark A/S in Roskilde became a part of one of the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial packaging. Today the Greif headquarter is located in Delaware Ohio, USA – for further information: www.greif.com.

From Roskilde and Perstorp, Sweden to Hedehusene

During the summer 2009 a reorganization within our fiber production in Scandinavia took place. Our factory in Perstorp, Sweden - which had been producing fiber drums to the local Swedish market since 1972 - was closed and the production was consolidated in Denmark. We moved location from Roskilde to Hedehusene and began producing at our new location in August 2009.
Besides our own production, we still market a broad selection of other Greif industrial packaging’s on the Scandinavian market, as well a complete selection of moisture and corrosion protective packaging’s and dunnage bags.

Together with our 4 other Greif sites in Scandinavia, we can efficiently handle and solve your packaging needs local as well as global.